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      Hitachi Construction Machinery



      1910 - 1989

      • Founded Hitachi, Ltd.
      • Completed U05 cable-operated shovel made entirely from Japanese technology. Delivered U05 units to the (now defunct) Ministry of Construction and operated as part of Kiso River construction work.
      • Developed U06 cable-operated shovel and started the mass production of construction machinery.
      • Developed U03 compact and lightweight model and U16 large model, in an effort to develop a series of cable-operated shovels.
      • Hitachi, Ltd. established Hitachi Construction Machinery Service Co., Ltd. in an effort to bolster its service structure.
      • Developed U23 large cable-operated shovel, the largest in Japan at the time.
      • Launched U106 cable-operated shovel, the first in the world to employ fluid couplings.
      • Launched T09 bulldozer, equipped with Hitachi-made B-06 engine.
      • Established six sales companies of Hitachi’s construction machinery in Japan.
      • Completed U23 electric powered shovel. Delivered units to the Japan Water Agency to work on the Yagisawa Dam in Gunma Prefecture.
      • Split off the construction machinery business division from the machinery business division of Hitachi, Ltd.
      • Amalgamated Hitachi Construction Machinery sales companies with Hitachi Construction Machinery Service Co., Ltd. to establish the (former) Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., integrating the sales and service businesses into a single company.
      • Launched UH03, the first hydraulic excavator in Japan made purely with domestic technologies. (In 2011, the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers selected UH03 as Mechanical Engineering Heritage Listing No. 48 and in 2018, registered U03 as an “important specimen from the history of science and technology” (otherwise known as “future technology heritage”) under a system accredited by the National Museum of Nature and Science.)
      • Launched UH06 as the first mid-class hydraulic excavator in the industry.
      • Developed HMA50L hydraulic motor and equipped it in UH03M hydraulic excavator for marsh areas.
      • Launched WS100 articulated wheel loader.
      • Split off Adachi Works in Tokyo and Tsuchiura Works in Ibaraki Prefecture from Hitachi, Ltd., and established Hitachi Construction Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
      • Amalgamated (former) Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and Hitachi Construction Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., establishing Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. as a company performing development, production, sales and service under a consistent organization.
      • Launched KH150 (40t lifting capacity), the world’s first fully hydraulic crawler crane.
      • Launched WH03 Wheeled Hydraulic Excavator.
      • Launched KH900 (180t lifting capacity), Hitachi’s largest fully hydraulic crawler crane (at the time), which contributed to efficient construction work for the high-rise residential complexes, etc.
      • Established Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) B.V. (now Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) N.V.) in the Netherlands.
      • Established Hitachi Construction Machinery Canada Ltd. in Canada.
      • Launched UH20 the largest Japanese-made hydraulic loading shovel (at the time). Equipped UH20 with a horizontal extruding mechanism, a proprietary Hitachi technology.
      • Incorporated Adachi Works into Tsuchiura Works as part of development and production consolidation measures.
      • Developed a tunneling machine with micro john shield suited to working in narrow shield spaces.
      • Established Yamagata Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (now Hitachi Construction Machinery Camino Co., Ltd.), which performs manufacturing and repair of construction machinery and parts, in Yamagata Prefecture.
      • Delivered UH801 Ultra-large Hydraulic Excavator, the largest in the world (at the time), for mining to North America.
      • Launched UH-5 series of hydraulic excavators with improved working performance and fuel efficiency.
      • Opened a Technical Training Center in Kasumigaura-shi, Ibaraki Prefecture.
      • Listed Hitachi Construction Machinery in the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
      • Opened a Technical Research Center in Tsuchiura-shi, Ibaraki Prefecture.
      • Launched UH-7 series of hydraulic excavators with smooth compound action and low fuel consumption.
      • Formed a business tie-up on the supply of hydraulic excavators with US-based Deere & Company.
      • Signed an agreement on technical collaboration concerning hydraulic excavators and crawler cranes with India-based Telco.
      • Tsuchiura Works won a Miles Award in the operating division category.
      • Established Hitachi Construction Machinery (Singapore) Pte.Ltd. (now Hitachi Construction Machinery Asia and Pacific Pte.Ltd.) in Singapore.
      • Established Hitachi Construction Machinery (America) Corp. in the US.
      • Initiated capital participation in Oriental Construction Machinery Sdn.Bhd. (now Hitachi Construction Machinery (Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd.) which was established in Malaysia.
      • Launched Landy EX series of hydraulic excavators incorporating electronic control (received Energy-Efficient Machinery Award and Machinery Industrial Design Award).
      • Established Fiat-Hitachi Excavators S.p.A. in Italy.
      • Developed and launched EX3500 Ultra-large Hydraulic Excavator, the largest in the world (at the time).
      • Launched EX series of mini excavators.
      • Launched EX1800 Ultra-large Hydraulic Excavator, successor to UH801.
      • Established Hitachi Construction Machinery Trading Co., Ltd. in Tokyo as a trading company engaged in the import and export of equipment, attachments and construction machinery.
      • Established Deere-Hitachi Construction Machinery Corp. as a joint venture with Deere & Company and commenced the local production of hydraulic excavators in the US in 1989.
      • Launched LX series of wheel loaders, marking Hitachi Construction Machinery’s full-scale entry into the wheel loader market.
      • Established Hitachi Kenki Logistics Technology Co., Ltd. in Tsuchiura-shi, Ibaraki Prefecture to perform packing, shipping and import/export operations for construction machinery.
      • Listed Hitachi Construction Machinery in the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
      • Established Dejima Works (now Kasumigaura Works) in Kasumigaura-shi, Ibaraki Prefecture to produce steering and traveling reduction gears for hydraulic excavators. Introduced automated transportation system through unmanned carriers to expand production capacity.

      1990 - 2009

      • Acquired management rights of agricultural machinery manufacturer Toyosha Co., Ltd. (now Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra Co., Ltd.).
      • Started sales of road construction machinery.
      • Established Siam-Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. in Thailand.
      • Launched Super Landy EX-2 series of hydraulic excavators employing electronic control.
      • Launched Landy KID EX series of mini excavators jointly developed with HOKUETSU INDUSTRIES CO., LTD., marking the full-scale entry into the mini excavator business.
      • Established P.T. Hitachi Construction Machinery Indonesia in Indonesia.
      • Launched HR420 Mobile Crusher, marking the entry into the environmental product market.
      • Launched LX-2 series of wheel loaders.
      • Launched New Super Landy EX-3 series of hydraulic excavators.
      • Launched CX500 Crawler Crane.
      • Developed a hydraulic excavator employing a wired remote control method and operated it during unmanned rock removal work along Mizunashi River of Mount Unzen (received the 1995 Chairman’s Award from the Japan Construction Machinery and Construction Association).
      • Launched EX-2 series of mini excavators.
      • Established Hitachi Construction Machinery Operators Training Center Co., Ltd. (now PEO Construction Machinery Operators Training Center Co., Ltd., an equity method affiliate) in Saitama Prefecture.
      • Established Hefei Hitachi Excavators Co., Ltd. (now Hitachi Construction Machinery (China) Co., Ltd.) in Anhui Province, China.
      • Launched Landy V EX-5 series of hydraulic excavators.
      • Made CablePrice Limited in New Zealand a wholly owned subsidiary.
      • Launched EX3500-3 Ultra-large Hydraulic Excavator (won Ichimura Prize and Chairman’s Award from the Japan Construction Machinery and Construction Association).
      • Launched EX200-5X EFCT Level Master Hydraulic Excavator, which semi-automates front section operations through a control system.
      • Launched EX225USR-5 Hydraulic Excavator with a small backing turning circle.
      • Initiated capital participation in P.T. Hexindo Adiperkasa Tbk in Indonesia.
      • Launched LX-3 series of wheel loaders.
      • President Ryuichi Seguchi received the VE Manager Award.
      • Developed EX5500 Ultra-large Hydraulic Excavator, the largest in the world (at the time).
      • Tsuchiura Works obtained ISO 14001 environmental management system certification.
      • Established Hitachi Construction Machinery Southern Africa Co., (Pty) Ltd. in South Africa.
      • Established Yungtay-Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (equity method affiliate) through a joint venture with Yungtay Engineering Co., Ltd. in Taiwan.
      • Acquired management rights of Canada-based Euclid-Hitachi Heavy Equipment, Inc. (now Hitachi Construction Truck Manufacturing Ltd.).
      • Established Hitachi Construction Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China.
      • Established Hitachi Kenki Fine Tech Co., Ltd., which engages in the manufacturing and sale of precision instruments, ultrasonic imaging devices and other equipment, in Tokyo.
      • Founded Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia Pty., Ltd. in Australia.
      • Founded Hitachi Kenki Business Frontier Co., Ltd., which runs information-related businesses, in Tsuchiura-shi, Ibaraki Prefecture.
      • Initiated capital participation in India-based Telco Construction Equipment Co., Ltd.
      • Established Hitachi Furukawa Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., which is engaged in the manufacturing of wheel loaders, in Tochigi Prefecture.
      • Established Elsys Co., Ltd. (now Hitachi Construction Machinery Leasing Co., Ltd.), which is responsible for financial services, in Tokyo.
      • Launched ZAXIS series of hydraulic excavators, the first in the world to be equipped with a satellite communications function (e-Service, now known as Global e-Service) (received Grand Prize in 2000 Nikkei Superior Products and Services Awards and Chairman’s Award from the Japan Construction Machinery and Construction Association).
      • Launched EX2500-5 and EX3600-5 Ultra-large Hydraulic Excavators.
      • Launched EX1200-5 Large Hydraulic Excavator.
      • Collaborated with TCM Corporation and Furukawa Co., Ltd. on wheel loader development and production. Launched seven wheel loader models under a unified concept.
      • Reached an agreement with Deere & Company to integrate operations of North, Central and South American sales businesses.
      • Launched ZAXIS U series of mini excavators with a small backing turning circle.
      • Launched EX5500-5 Ultra-large Hydraulic Excavator.
      • Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) N.V. established Amsterdam Works in the Netherlands and commenced production.
      • Added hydraulic excavators with ultra-tight turning circle and small backing turning circle to ZAXIS series lineup.
      • Launched ZAXIS UR series of mini excavators with ultra-tight turning circles.
      • Launched EX1900-5 Ultra-large Hydraulic Excavator.
      • Established Hitachi Sumitomo Heavy Industries Construction Crane Co., Ltd. (now Sumitomo Heavy Industries Construction Cranes Co., Ltd., an equity method affiliate) in Tokyo.
      • Established Hitachi-Furukawa Loaders Europe S.A.S. in France.
      • Launched LX-7 series of mid and large-class wheel loaders.
      • Established Hitachi Construction Machinery Thailand Co., Ltd. in Thailand.
      • Received Miles Award in corporate category from the Society of Japanese Value Engineering.
      • Added wheeled hydraulic excavators to ZAXIS series and launched.
      • Developed EX8000 Ultra-large Hydraulic Excavator, the largest made in Japan and one of the largest in the world.
      • Made Tadakiko Co., Ltd., which manufactures and sells hydraulic equipment and parts for construction machinery in Chiba Prefecture, a wholly owned subsidiary.
      • Made Hitachi Construction Machinery (Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd. a wholly owned subsidiary.
      • Launched ZAXIS-3 series of large hydraulic excavators.
      • Launched ZW-3 series of wheel loaders (received 2006 Good Design Award).
      • Established Hefei Rijian Shearing Co., Ltd. in Anhui Province, China as a parts supply company.
      • Launched hydraulic excavators of ZAXIS-3 series (received 2006 Good Design Award and 2007 iF Design Award).
      • Established Hitachi Construction Machinery Sales and Service France S.A.S. in France.
      • Established Qingdao Chengri Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. in China.
      • Made UK-based Heavy Construction Machinery LTD (now Hitachi Construction Machinery (UK) Ltd.) a wholly owned subsidiary.
      • Established Hitachi Construction Machinery Leasing (China) Co., Ltd. in China.
      • Launched EX-6 series of Ultra-large hydraulic excavators.
      • Consolidated the rental business in Japan and founded Hitachi Construction Machinery REC Co., Ltd.
      • In Hitachinaka-shi, Ibaraki Prefecture, established Hitachinaka-rinko Works as a production site for mining machinery, and established Hitachinaka Works as an equipment and component production site. Both sites commenced operations.
      • Launched EH3500AC-II, one of the largest Japanese-made rigid dump trucks. EH3500AC-II employed an AC drive system driven by a wheel motor with electric power obtained by operating a generator through the engine.
      • Consolidated sales operations in Japan and reorganized into Japan Division.
      • Made Canada-based Wenco International Mining Systems Ltd., which is involved with fleet management systems, a consolidated subsidiary.
      • Made Shin Tohoku Metal Co., Ltd. in Akita Prefecture, which manufactures and sells cast products for construction machinery and other items, a consolidated subsidiary.

      2010 - 2019

      • Established Hitachi Construction Machinery (Mozambique) Limited in Mozambique.
      • Acquired management rights of India-based Telco Construction Equipment Co., Ltd. (now Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery Company Private Limited).
      • Established Hitachi Construction Machinery Eurasia Sales LLC in Russia.
      • Initiated investment in KCM Corporation which manufactures and sells wheel loaders.
      • Launched ZX35B lithium-ion battery-powered mini excavator, which can operate for 4-6 hours continuously on a full charge.
      • Launched a hydraulic excavators machine guidance system compatible with ICT construction work.
      • Established Hitachi Construction Machinery Africa Pty.Ltd. in South Africa.
      • Established Hitachi Construction Machinery Zambia Co., Ltd. in Zambia.
      • Established Hitachi Construction Machinery Middle East Corporation FZE in the United Arab Emirates.
      • Established Hitachi Construction Machinery Eurasia Manufacturing LLC in Russia.
      • Launched ZH200-A Hybrid Hydraulic Excavator, which combines hybrid mechanisms with energy-efficient hydraulic systems to achieve fuel efficiency and practicality (received Good Design Award).
      • Made Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra Co., Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary.
      • Split off construction machinery sales and service business in Japan and consolidated under Hitachi Construction Machinery REC Co., Ltd., and established Hitachi Construction Machinery Japan Co., Ltd.
      • Launched ASTACO NEO ZX135TF-3, a culmination of Hitachi Construction Machinery’s robot technologies.
      • Commenced development of the Autonomous Haulage System (AHS) for dump trucks.
      • Launched all-directional safety confirmation support system (now known as Aerial Angle) jointly developed with Clarion Co., Ltd., which helps operators conduct safety checks surrounding machinery.
      • Launched EH5000AC-3, one of the largest Japanese-made rigid dump trucks that is equipped with Advanced Vehicle Stabilization Controls.
      • Started operational testing of dump truck autonomous driving.
      • Launched ZAXIS-5 series, hydraulic excavators which is compatible with the respective exhaust gas standards of each country and region.
      • Launched ZW-5 series, wheel loaders equipped with Active Engine Control that controls the engine RPM.
      • Launched service solution ConSite utilizing machine operating information through Global e-Service.
      • Opened Tsukuba Parts Center in Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki Prefecture, and reorganized the global parts supply structure.
      • Developed ZW220HYB-5B Wheel Loader equipped with a hybrid system.
      • Made KCM Corporation a wholly owned subsidiary.
      • Consolidated the wheel loader development and manufacturing business at KCM Corporation.
      • Developed Fleet Awareness V2X safe driving support system for mining dump trucks.
      • Opened an ICT Demonstration Site adjacent to Hitachinaka Works.
      • Developed ZX200-5B ICT hydraulic excavator, which supports ICT construction by utilizing 3D data.
      • Made US-based H-E Parts International LLC a wholly owned subsidiary.
      • Made Australia-based mining parts manufacturer and solution provider Bradken Pty.Ltd. a consolidated subsidiary by way of tender offer.
      • Consolidated manufacturing and service in Russia and founded Hitachi Construction Machinery Eurasia LLC.
      • Made US-based Hitachi Construction Machinery Loaders America Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary.
      • Launched ZH200-6 Hybrid Hydraulic Excavator equipped with the newly developed TRIAS-HXII System.
      • Launched Solution Linkage Cloud, the core component of ICT construction solutions.
      • Launched ConSite OIL, which monitors construction machinery oil 24 hours a day, in Europe and Australia.
      • Developed Double Arm Working Concept Machine with Four-crawler.
      • Launched Solution Linkage Mobile, which provides IoT solutions at construction sites.
      • Opened an ICT Demonstration Site in Kagawa Prefecture.
      • Opened Solution PLAZA, which showcases ICT and IoT technologies, at Tsuchiura Works in Ibaraki Prefecture.
      • Launched EH5000AC-3 trolley charging type rigid dump truck.
      • Started restructure of Japanese development and production systems with the aim of enhancing global competitiveness.
      • Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) N.V. commenced overseas sales of ICT hydraulic excavators.
      • Established Synergy Hire Limited, which operates a rental business for construction machinery in the UK market, in the UK.
      • Launched service solution ConSite Oil in Southeast Asia and China.
      • Transferred some shares in Hitachi Construction Machinery Operators Training Center Co., Ltd., and changed the corporate name to PEO Construction Machinery Operators Training Center Co., Ltd. (equity method affiliate).
      • Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra developed a prototype 5t class battery-powered mini excavator.
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